Why Not an Air Dock?

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Have you ever seen an Air Dock Balloon Lift? They are plastic bags that fill with high pressure air and actually lift your boat out of the water. What happens if you get a hole in a balloon? or a strong wind storm comes by? Your boat can flip off of these things and actually sink! This type of anti fouling is pretty expensive, and dangerous to your boats well being. Just ask any experienced marine towing/salvage company about these lifts… You will probably hear about some horror stories when they flip peoples boats over and sink them for random reasons (just do a Google search if you don’t believe it ). If you purchased a brand new shiny boat, would you feel safe with a boat inflated up on one of these rigs right next to it? What happens when the bottom gets a slice in it and there is extensive bottom growth on it? Have fun fixing that…

Scenario: While you are away on vacation, a heron or a fishing lure pokes a hole in one of the balloons, now one of the balloons is deflated and the boats stern is submerged in the water or worse yet the boat slipped off the entire rig and flips over!

Air Balloon Lifts have to be the most ugly things around (picture at top). These systems are also not allowed in allot of areas for their pure ugliness and danger. In South East Florida they required a permit to be filed to have one of these things behind a waterfront house. Since they require a dock mounted control station, the city said it requires a permit. It seems these systems tried to be the simple, no permit, portable alternative to a boat lift. You decide… These systems also take considerable time to operate, require careful boat alignment and tying off.