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The above are Real Pictures of what can easily happen to boats that are up on lifts. One small failure of any one component and your boat is very well ruined! We all know how harsh the marine environment is, salt water, corrosion, sun light, electrolysis, etc. Boat lifts are subject to all of these conditions. Being boat lifts mainly use extremely high tension cables, there is allot that can go wrong real quick. Just imagine if a cable broke loose while you were operating your lift? It is very possible that little cable can kill you or dismember you. YIKES! Besides being extremely dangerous, these boat lifts are extremely expensive. A small boat lift averages around $10’000.00 and requires proper permitting and professional installation.

Have you ever operated a boat lift? If so, then you have experienced how nerve racking it is when sometimes you hear/feel the cables bind and snap into place, or you have heard those random pings, and bangs from various weight shifting on those thin metal cables, beams, etc. You also know that if you want to take your boat for a quick cruise, you have to perform the whole timely boat lift lowering / lifting operation. This will drastically reduce your time on your boat as you begin to not want to deal with the excess head ache of this timely procedure every time you want to use your boat (we know from years of boat lift experience).

Putting your boat on the lift is another story. You know how it can be a pain in the neck to line your boat up on a trailer? well, this is the same for a boat lift! Lets add some current and wake into the picture and your going to have a real job on your hands! If your boat isn’t lined up just right, you can risk having your boat fall off the lift! You risk stressing out and possibly breaking the lift! You risk and probably will do some damage to the underside of your boat hull!

*Boat lifts are sometimes the only option in heavy current and/or high wake waterways.