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it hard to put a Barnacle Barrier™ together? 2017-04-28T11:52:16+00:00

Barnacle Barrier™ is designed for easy installation.

(1) Lay the bottom shield out on the ground.

(2) Link the floating pipes together to create the barrier frame

(3) Attach the air gate section to the existing floating pipe frame

(4) Attach the bottom shield to the floating pipe frame

(5) Slide the unit into the water and tie it to your dock

(6)  Drop in the water conditioning system assembly. Barnacle Barrier™ comes with full easy to do/follow assembly/use instructions.

It can be totally assembled by one person in just a few hours. Its best to have two people when moving it from the land to the water.

How do I secure Barnacle Barrier™ to my dock? 2017-04-28T11:51:26+00:00

Simply tie it off in a secure 4 point dock tying method with room for tide change. (same method as properly tying a boat to a dock)

How much room does Barnacle Barrier™ take up in the water? 2017-04-28T11:50:27+00:00

Barnacle Barrier™ takes up about the same space as your boat already does, and only comes 3 inches out of the water.

Will barnacles and bottom growth grow on the underside of Barnacle Barrier? 2017-04-28T11:50:03+00:00

Barnacles and bottom growth will form on the bottom of the composite protective shield and not on your boat. The material composition and flexible properties of Barnacle Barrier™ help limit the growth and is designed to function with bottom growth attached.

How long will the material last? 2017-04-28T11:49:38+00:00

Most of the materials Barnacle Barrier™ is made of can last 100+ years in salt water! This system doesn’t use any inflated components that can be damaged/ruined easily in the harsh marine environment. The protective composite bottom shield is designed to hold up to the harsh saltwater marine environment if properly used/maintained. If any unsightly damages were to occur to the bottom shield, it can be easily patched/repaired. Or worst case, the bottom shield can be easily replaced while the boat is still inside Barnacle Barrier™.

What is the Warranty? 2017-04-28T11:49:12+00:00

Barnacle Barrier™ Systems come with a 1 year limited warranty.

If the bottom shield ever becomes damaged, can the bottom shield be serviced or replaced? 2017-04-28T11:48:48+00:00

YES! Barnacle Barrier™ was designed for Quick and Easy bottom shield replacement. Simply Un-clip the bottom shield to the floating frame and remove the old shield. Replace with a new shield (we supply these) or clean and patch the damaged shield with our patch kit. Quick and Easy servicing is just another reason why Barnacle Barrier™ is the most safe and effective Antifouling system on the market today.

Can Barnacle Barrier™ sink? 2017-04-28T11:46:18+00:00

No, the construction of the frame is entirely air sealed and the system is tied off to your dock.

Do I need A/C power to operate Barnacle Barrier? 2017-04-28T11:45:52+00:00

Yes.  The air gate operates with a simple hand operated air pump, but the chlorination system requires a regular 110V power outlet.

How do I operate the air gate? 2017-04-28T11:45:19+00:00

Manual air-gate pump operation: To lower the air-gate, simply open the dock side air gate valve, the air gate will lower in about 10-30 seconds. To raise the air-gate, simply attach the air-gate hose into the “inflate port” on the manual hand pump. Now, Pump it a few times until the air gate is raised and you see bubbles coming from the center of the raised air gate, then close the dock side air gate valve.

How do I operate the water conditioning system? 2017-04-28T11:44:52+00:00

A good rule of thumb is to start the system schedule to run every other day for 15 minutes with the chlorine dispersion at its minimal setting, during a time of day you don’t use your boat. Test the water with the supplied chlorine test strips and adjust the system until your barrier water contains around 1.0-4.0 PPM (parts per million) of chlorine, and then goes back to 0 PPM in a few hours or by the next day (Note: city tap drinking water is 4.0 PPM). This minimal amount of temporary chlorine within the barrier water ensures all microscopic bottom growth microbes, larva and algae are neutralized before they can begin to grow. If you see at anytime algae residue forming, adjust/increase the systems settings accordingly. Note: never open the barrier if it contains any chlorine level over 0 PPM. If your barrier water contains over 0 PPM of chlorine, wait a few hours and re- test the water until the test strip reads 0 PPM before opening the barrier.

How long does it take to raise and lower the air gate? 2017-04-28T11:44:18+00:00

About 30-60 seconds with the manual hand air pump.

How long does the chlorination system run for? 2017-04-28T11:43:42+00:00

Generally 15 minutes every other day is a good setting to start with. Settings vary with boat size, region, and environmental conditions. Get use to your boat and regions chlorine requirements and adjust your system accordingly with the use of chlorine test strip results.

How do I dock my boat when it is dark, can you see Barnacle Barrier™ in the dark? 2017-04-28T11:43:10+00:00

This system only comes out of the water about 3 inches, so a dock light or some reflective tape can be applied to the barrier if you are concerned.

How much water depth do I need to use Barnacle Barrier? 2017-04-28T11:42:38+00:00

If you have enough water depth to dock your boat, you have enough water depth to use Barnacle Barrier™.

What do I do if there is a hurricane or bad storm? 2017-04-28T11:42:01+00:00

If a bad storm is coming and you want to take your boat out of the water, lower the air gate and leave it alone. Barnacle Barrier™ is mostly under the water and really wont be affected by wind.

Are there any restrictions or limitations in using Barnacle Barrier™? 2017-04-28T11:41:23+00:00

Because Barnacle Barrier™ is a non-permanent installation, because they do not lift the boat out of the water, because they take up approximately the same space as the boat itself,  because they will improve water quality by eliminating the use of toxic antifouling bottom paint, they should be allowed in virtually any location world wide. If in any question, please print and present this Barnacle Barrier™ explanation document to your proper authorities for approval.

Barnacle Barrier™  is not designed to be used in rough water conditions and extremely high current conditions such as around high current inlet channels etc…

What are some of the key benefits of Barnacle Barrier™? 2017-04-28T11:39:12+00:00
  • It is 100% environmentally safe solution to antifouling.
  • Keeps your boat perfectly clean saving you time and money.
  • No bottom paint means optimal fuel efficiency and boat resale value.
  • Keeps floating debris, oil, slime, etc from coming in contact with your boat (a true debris barrier)
  • If your boat ever leaks gas, oil, or anything else that is hazardous, Barnacle Barrier™ isolates this for proper clean up.
  • Catches and saves most things that can be easily dropped overboard for easy pick up such as keys, sun glasses, wallets, etc…
  • Helps docking by giving you a visible guide to pull into, kind of like a parking space.
  • Installs easily and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Makes boating more fun, easy, and safe with no timely storage procedure like a trailer or dangerous boat lift.
  • Eliminates costly/timely bottom cleaning.
  • Usually avoids any local permitting since this system is completely portable and simply ties to a dock the same way a boat does.
  • Works with outboard, inboard and inboard/outboard boats.
How does Barnacle Barrier™ work, and what does it do for your boat? 2017-04-28T11:35:50+00:00

Barnacle Barrier™ is a low-profile floating water barrier. Our system keeps your boat bottom free from debris & growth without lifting your boat out of the water! Once your boat is inside Barnacle Barrier™, pump up the air gate and now your boat is enclosed in its own self contained pool of water. This puts your boat in a clean environment where electrolysis is decreased up to 6 times and bottom fouling does not exist!

Barnacle Barrier™ floats on top of the water with a protective composite flexible shield beneath the water.  This system operates with a rear air actuated gate that lowers/raises to allow your boat to pull in and out. Once your boat is inside the barrier, the gate raises to enclose your boat in an isolated pool of water. Now an automatic adjustable timed system releases a minimal tap drinking water amount of chlorine to the self contained water to neutralize bottom growth and algae microbes (1.0-4.0 PPM). This minimal amount of chlorine rapidly dissipates from the water once the timed system shut off.

*Have more questions? Please contact us for quick answers!