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Created by Boaters! for Boaters!

*Above: 26′ catamaran center console boat dry and protected in Barnacle Barrier™

Barnacle Barrier™
is a low-profile floating dry dock. Our patent-pending system keeps your boat bottom free from debris & growth without lifting your boat out of the water! Keep your boat’s hull dry and prevent Water Stains, Bottom Growth, and Electrolysis while in the water! This new innovative system has become largely recognized and used in Australia as a 100% eco-friendly antifouling alternative.

  • Incredibly Easy To Use & Maintain
  • Protects Hull & Drive System
  • Works While Your Boat is Afloat!
  • New & Innovative System
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Antifouling Alternative

Barnacle Barrier™ uses a unique air-gate system that is raised & lowered to allow your boat to enter and exit the barrier with ease. Once your boat is inside Barnacle Barrier™ and the air-gate is raised to encapsulate your boat, the automatic water evacuation system evacuates the water. By removing all surrounding water, your boat is Dry and Protected!

If rain or wash enters the barrier, the water evacuation system will run automatically removing any water from the barrier. The bottom shield is specifically manufactured of a tough, saltwater-proof interwoven composite material with a ridged net-like surface that forms to your boat hull. This enables any trapped water to flow to the bottom to be evacuated. This engineering ensures that there is no pooled & trapped water around your hull. The water evacuation system is controlled by an internally computerized water detection system, this ensures guaranteed dependability and no hassle of a float switch. Barnacle Barrier™ works for all boat hull types!


  • Keep your boat in the water without toxic and unsightly bottom paint
  • Enjoy your boat without the hassle of an inconvenient & dangerous boat lift.
  • Air-gate system gets your boat back in the water in seconds.
  • Maintain natural floating state where your boat is most stable.
  • Prevent leaks while not in operation.
  • Save battery power from autobilge.
  • Prevent Electrolysis Completely!
  • Prevent Bottom Growth!
  • Clean dirt & water stains from boating while your boat is in Barnacle Barrier™



Below are pictures of Barnacle Barrier™ in Wet Dock Mode:

Below are pictures of Barnacle Barrier™ in Dry Dock Mode:

Below are misc Barnacle Barrier™ operation/component pictures:

Barnacle Barrier™ is simple to install and simple to up keep, yet is extremely powerful in completely guarding your boat from bottom growth, water stains, electrolysis, and water debris. Barnacles, bottom growth, and electrolysis can easily do irreversible permanent damage to your boat, drive unit, transducers, etc if your boat is left in the water for only 2 weeks or more. Barnacle Barrier™ protects your boat all day, every day! Works with V hull and catamarans!

*Above: examples of what happens when boats are not protected by Barnacle Barrier™


Barnacle Barrier™ is made with materials that can last in saltwater for over 100 years! The distinct characteristics of the Barnacle Barrier™ bottom shield make this system effective in preventing bottom growth to form on your boat. Bottom growth will slowly form on the bottom side of the composite bottom shield instead of on the bottom of your boat. The bottom shields flexible properties make bottom growth limited and form much slower than hard surfaces. If excessive bottom growth has formed on the shield after years of use, the bottom shield can be cleaned with a gentle scraping action by a boat bottom cleaning technician. The bottom shield does not have to be completely cleaned, just clean enough to keep the unit afloat. In most cases these units are left untouched for years with no failure in function and operation from bottom growth. Barnacle Barrier™ bottom shield uses a simple zip clamp method of attachment that can be performed usually from boat side.

Barnacle Barrier™ Kevlar 29® Composite Bottom Shield Material is extremely durable and the Inboard/Outboard Barnacle Barrier™ shield edition is designed to hold up to non motion Skegs, Drives, and Propellers.

*Note the images with the outboard motors trimmed completely down while Barnacle Barrier™ is in Dry Dock mode.

*Note the picture on the far left, you can see all the way down to the the drain plug, Dry and Protected!

Barnacle Barrier™ Kevlar 29® Composite Bottom Shield Material Chemical Resistance Chart


  • People usually don’t think when they clean their boat with chemicals, that they are killing the environment… Barnacle Barrier™ will contain all cleaning chemicals that are used when you clean your boat. If you wait 24 hours before pumping the water out, most of those chemicals will have been evaporated from the self contained water pool.
  • Have you ever had a minor gas or oil spill while working on your boat in the water? Barnacle Barrier™ will contain any gas/oil spills that might be made from your boat so you can clean it up without hurting the environment.
  • Don’t you hate it when debris in the water clings on to your boat? Barnacle Barrier™ will protect your shiny boat hull, trim unit, etc from any outside derbies, oil, slime etc from coming in contact with your boat.
  • Have you ever dropped something in the water while your boat is docked, maybe sun glasses, tools, keys, etc? Not to worry! barnacle Barrier™ will catch those items so they can easily be picked up!

Barnacle Barrier™ is designed from years of use, trial, and error. We wanted to create something that is unlike any existing boat bottom protecting system on the international market. Every system we could find world wide are inflatable, and mostly un serviceable. Barnacle Barrier™ is made with an extremely rugged construction, making it extremely effective and strong in marine environments. Barnacle Barrier™ is easy to service, construct, and dis-assemble. Durability, Longevity, Easy to Service, Low Cost, and Functionality are what you can expect when using Barnacle Barrier™!

Why Barnacle Barrier™?

  • Low profile
  • If damaged for any reason, it can usually be fixed in minutes
  • Mostly made of simple solid materials that can last 100+ years in salt water
  • Bottom shield can be replaced in the water while your boat is inside it
  • Short ordering/shipping lead time
  • Inexpensive

 Why not other similar systems?

  • Fat/thick profile due to the inflatable design
  • If damaged for any reason, it can not be fixed in minutes, or worse, fixed only by replacement
  • Made of materials that are inflatable that will wear out in the marine environment, leak, crack, puncture, etc
  • Bottom shield can NOT be replaced
  • Long ordering/shipping lead time
  • Expensive


Barnacle Barrier™ does not require any dock side mounting, fabrication, modifying, etc, thus usually doesn’t fit in any class where permitting is required. It simply ties to your dock with ropes and floats in the water just like a boat fender/bumper would. Barnacle Barrier™ is not an aesthetic nuisance and is very low profile. Consult your local city hall if you are in question of your local rules.

*If there are any potential limits to the use of Barnacle Barrier™ in your marina, condo, city, etc… Please print the .PDF document below and present it to the proper authorities for approval.

counter customisable

Why Barnacle Barrier™ ?

Barnacle Barrier™ keeps your boat dry while it is in the water! Sound too good to be true? Well, Barnacle Barrier™ is here! protect your boat from growing anything on the bottom. Also protect from electrolysis! With Barnacle Barrier™ you can leave your boat in the water as long as you want and sustain a perfectly spotless bottom! With this system you don't have to rely on your bilge pumps to keep your boat floating!

Easy to use and maintain…

Barnacle Barrier™ is made of materials that can last in saltwater for over 100+ years! The only part on the Barnacle Barrier™ that ever needs to be serviced is the barrier shield, this can be serviced by bottom cleaning by a boat bottom cleaning technician. If ever damaged, it can be patched or worst case, easily replaced while the boat is still in it!

No inconvenient boat lift operation…

Barnacle Barrier™ eliminates the need for a boat lift to protect your boat from bottom growth and electrolysis. Boat lifts are usually over $10'000.00, require city permitting to have installed, usually require pilings to be installed and more... Boat lifts hold allot of weight on thin cables and that is really scary when you are lifting 1000's of pounds! Boat lifts are inconvenient, and take a good amount of time to lower and raise your boat in and out of the water. You also need to align your boat perfectly on a boat lift before you raise your boat out of the water to prevent damaging your boat. Barnacle Barrier™ can be opened and closed in seconds, Is simply tied to your dock, and eliminates all the stress of a boat lift. This is truly an incredible system.

Save Time and Money…

Antifouling bottom paint is ugly and toxic to marine life. Did you know your boats value can drop 30% after you paint the bottom of it with antifouling paint? With antifouling bottom paint your boat suffers a loss in speed and fuel efficiency. With antifouling bottom paint, your boat needs to be repainted every 6 months to 1 year if left in the water, and your boat bottom needs to be scraped usually by a diver every month in between (this scraping is also toxic to the marine environment)... DID I SAY SCRAPED!?! Barnacle Barrier™ protects your boat from all of this...