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Created by Boaters! for Boaters!

Barnacle Barrier™ is a low-profile floating water barrier. Our system keeps your boat bottom free from debris & growth without lifting your boat out of the water! Keep your boat’s hull like new. Prevent Bottom Growth, and minimize Electrolysis while in the water! This innovative system has become largely recognized and used in Australia as an effective, 100% Eco Friendly, portable, antifouling solution.

*Note: The Barnacle Barrier™ shown in the photos below has been protecting this boats hull for over 3 years. Notice the bottom growth on the side of the submerged Barnacle Barrier™ shield, and notice how the boats hull is spotless!

  • Incredibly Easy To Use & Maintain
  • Protects Hull & Drive System
  • Works While Your Boat is Afloat!
  • Long Lasting
  • Portable Antifouling Alternative

Barnacle Barrier™ uses a unique air-gate system that is raised & lowered to allow your boat to enter and exit the barrier with ease. Once your boat is inside Barnacle Barrier™ and the air-gate is raised to encapsulate your boat, the water in the barrier is now self contained. The water inside the closed Barnacle Barrier™ system now has no exposure to oxygenated, nutrient rich water that bottom growth needs to sustain life. The barrier also acts as a great insulator to electrolysis. Boats docked inside Barnacle Barrier™ have six (6) times less electrolysis! This barrier also protects you and the environment from releasing any gas or oil from an unsightly leak or spill.


There is x amount of bottom growth larvae floating in every x amount of sea water. This larvae is of barnacles, mussels, oysters, etc. This bottom growth larvae only survives and matures by having fresh oxygenated water that contains nutrients to feed on. The larvae attaches to just about everything in the water (dock pilings, boat hulls, drive components, rigging etc). Being Barnacle Barrier™ houses your boat in its own self contained pool of water, bottom growth can not sustain life. Barnacle Barrier™ also utilizes an automatic water conditioning system that neutralizes any barrier contained bottom growth micro organisms and algae. This innovative 100% eco friendly function occasionally chlorinates the water only within the closed barrier at a minimal tap drinking water chlorine level (1.0=4.0 PPM) to ensure nothing forms such as green string algae.


The minimal tap drinking water level of chlorine that is inside the self contained barrier of water rapidly evaporates given a short time after the system shuts off, leaving the water free of chlorine and algae so you can 100% safely open the barrier with no chlorine release into the environment. Chlorine concentrations can vary by the systems chlorine adjuster and run time duration, so Barnacle Barrier™ systems come with chlorine test strips so you can measure the level of chlorine your barrier water contains in less than one second. These easy to use test strips are simply dipped into the self contained barrier water and pulled out. Read the test strips chlorine concentration result as instructed on the test strip container. This simple test will tell you if the barrier water is free of chlorine so you can safely open it. Different areas of the world, seasons, and conditions along with different size boats will require different chlorine system run times and chlorine dispersion adjustments for optimal ease of safe use. A good rule of thumb is to start the system schedule to run every other day for 15 minutes with the chlorine dispersion at its minimal setting, during a time of day you don’t use your boat. Test the water and adjust the system until your barrier water contains around 1.0-4.0 PPM (parts per million) of chlorine, and then goes back to 0 PPM in a few hours or by the next day (Note: city drinking water is 4.0 PPM). This minimal amount of temporary chlorine within the barrier water ensures all microscopic bottom growth microbes, larva and algae are neutralized before they can begin to grow. If you see at anytime algae residue forming, adjust/increase the systems settings accordingly.Note: never open the barrier if it contains any chlorine level over 0 PPM. If your barrier water contains over 0 PPM of chlorine, wait a few hours and re- test the water until the test strip reads 0 PPM before opening the barrier.


  • Keep your boat in the water without toxic and unsightly bottom paint
  • Portable
  • Enjoy your boat without the hassle of an inconvenient & dangerous boat lift.
  • Air-gate system releases and contains your boat in seconds.
  • Maintain natural floating state where your boat is most stable.
  • Literally Maintenance Free!
  • Hassle Free
  • Reduce Electrolysis by 6 times!
  • Prevent Bottom Growth!

Barnacle Barrier™ is simple to install and simple to up keep, yet is extremely powerful in completely guarding your boat from bottom growth, excessive electrolysis, and water debris. Barnacles, bottom growth, and electrolysis can easily do irreversible permanent damage to your boat, drive unit, transducers, etc if your boat is left in the water for only 2 weeks or more. Barnacle Barrier™ protects your boat all day, every day! Works with any type of boat, Outboard, Inboard, Inboard/Outboard, Catamaran, Tri-Hull, Inflatable, Jet Drive, etc!

*Above: examples of what happens when boats are not protected by Barnacle Barrier™

Barnacle Barrier™is made with materials that can last in saltwater for over 100 years! The distinct characteristics of the Barnacle Barrier™ bottom shield make this system effective in preventing bottom growth to form on your boat. Bottom growth will slowly form on the bottom side of the composite bottom shield instead of on the bottom of your boat. The bottom shields flexible properties make bottom growth on the shield limited. Barnacle Barrier™ Shields do not need underside cleaning. If any unsightly damage ever were to occur to the shield, the protective Barnacle Barrier™ bottom shield can be easily removed/replaced at boat side unlike any similar product on the market.

Barnacle Barrier Shield Composite Material Diagram

Barnacle Barrier™ Kevlar 29® Composite Bottom Shield Material Chemical Resistance Chart

Barnacle Barrier™ Kevlar 29 Bottom Shield Material Chemical Resistance Chart


  • People usually don’t think when they clean their boat with chemicals, that they are killing the environment… Barnacle Barrier™ will contain all cleaning chemicals that are used when you clean your boat. If you wait 24 hours before opening the barrier, most of those chemicals will have been evaporated from the self contained water pool.
  • Have you ever had a minor gas or oil spill while working on your boat in the water? Barnacle Barrier™ will contain any gas/oil spills that might be made from your boat so you can clean it up without hurting the environment.
  • Don’t you hate it when debris in the water clings on to your boat? Barnacle Barrier™ will protect your shiny boat hull, trim unit, etc from any outside derbies, oil, slime etc from coming in contact with your boat.
  • Have you ever dropped something in the water while your boat is docked, maybe sun glasses, tools, keys, etc? Not to worry! barnacle Barrier™ will catch those items so you can retrieve them!

Barnacle Barrier™ is designed from years of use, trial, and error. We wanted to create something that is unlike any existing boat bottom protecting system on the international market. Every system we could compare to world wide are inflatable, and mostly un serviceable. Barnacle Barrier™ is made with an extremely rugged construction, making it extremely effective and durable in marine environments. Barnacle Barrier™ is easy to service, construct, and dis-assemble. Durability, Longevity, Easy to Service, Low Cost, and Functionality are what you can expect when using Barnacle Barrier™ Systems.

Why Barnacle Barrier™?

  • Fat/thick profile due to the inflatable design
  • If damaged for any reason, they can be fixed only by replacement
  • Made of materials that are inflatable that will wear out in the marine environment, leak, crack, puncture, etc
  • Bottom shield can NOT be replaced, or can NOT be replaced at boat side
  • Long ordering/shipping lead time
  • Extremely Expensive


Barnacle Barrier™ does not require any dock side mounting, fabrication, modifying, etc, thus doesn’t fit in any class where building permitting is required. It simply ties to your dock with ropes and floats in the water just like a boat fender/bumper would. Barnacle Barrier™ is not an aesthetic nuisance and is very low profile. Consult your local city hall if you are in question of your local rules.

*If there are any potential limits to the use of Barnacle Barrier™ in your marina, condo, city, etc… Please print the PDF document below and present it to the proper authorities for approval.

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