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Barnacle Barrier™ systems can be used for Outboard,Inboard/Outboard and Inboard motor boats. Armoredhull Boat Shield

*Note: Barnacle Barrier™ systems are not designed for high current waterways and rough water areas such as Inlet channels and fast zones. Barnacle Barrier™ will generally work in these environments/conditions, but some controlled use will need to be performed while operating the Barnacle Barrier™ Air-Gate..

Barnacle Barrier™ System



* Barnacle Barrier™ complete system (available sizes below are for barrier inside dimensions)


What Size Barnacle Barrier™ Do I need for My Boat?

*Length: Measure your boats waterline length (long)
*Width: Measure your boats waterline Beam (width) (wide)

*Note: Barnacle Barrier™ systems are only made per 5 feet, there are no in between sizes. A few feet extra in size is always good to have.

Larger sizes are available, please Email us your boat size specs (L.O.A/Beam/Draft) and boat type (Year/Make/Model) for an immediate quote.

*Shipping, Assembly & Installation

Shipping: All orders generally ship in 1-3 weeks depending on material stock. We generally use DHL Ground or UPS Freight shipping methods.

Assembly/Installation:Barnacle Barrier™ is easy to assemble and Install, it comes with step by step, full color photo instructions. (assembly and Installation takes approximately 2-5 hours depending on your systems size)

Email us Now to request a shipping quote and/or more information on Assembly and Installation of Barnacle Barrier™.