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No More Bottom Growth!

Your Antifouling Solution is Here!

        • The Best Antifouling Solution!
        • No Bottom Growth!
        • 100% Eco Friendly!
        • Reduce Electrolysis!
        • No Toxic Bottom Paint!


Avoid Costly Damage

Why Risk Hull Damage from Barnacle Growth?

  • Bypass the Issue Entirely
  • Save Money on Maintenance
  • Save Time & Frustration
  • Keep your Boat Like New
  • No Worries, No Problems

Bottom Shield Material

The Science Behind Barnacle Barrier™

  • Advanced Interwoven Composite Material!
  • Durable
  • UV & Salt Water Proof
  • Made to withstand Bottom Growth!


How It Works / No More Growth!

Barnacle Barrier™ Slip Liner Systems protect your boat bottom from damaging bottom growth and helps against electrolysis! Simply pull your boat into the barrier, and simply pump up the air gate. Now your boat is in its own isolated pool of water that will not allow bottom growth to form. Since the bottom growth (barnacles etc) have nothing to feed on (no continuous fresh water and passing micro organisms) bottom growth can not sustain life. Barnacle Barrier™ also utilizes a fully adjustable timed water conditioning system that can occasionally chlorinate the water within the closed barrier at a minimal tap drinking water level (1.0-4.0 PPM) to ensure no growth/algae ever forms. This tap drinking water level of chlorine within the self contained water barrier evaporates given a short time after the system shuts off, leaving the water free of microbes/algae and free of chlorine so you can 100% safely open the barrier with no chlorine release into the environment. Plus, the barrier that surrounds the hull of your boat acts as a guard to protect your boat from floating debris, and will contain any gas or oil spills your boat may ever experience. read more...

Never Clean Growth from your Boat Bottom Again!

Enjoy the convenience of in water slip liner boat storage without bottom growth and minimal electrolysis. Whether you are in salt or fresh water, Barnacle Barrier™ Systems provides you with the easiest most innovative boat storage solution!

Unbelievable Results!

The convenience of keeping your boat in the water ready to use at anytime without worry and an unsightly, expensive lift is an incredible feeling. Forget the never ending dirty and damaging process of scraping, cleaning and painting your boat hull. Keep your boat hull looking brand new and Go Green by eliminating the use of extremely toxic bottom paint that release nasty chemicals/heavy metals into our oceans 24 hours a day, every day..

Most Durable System Worldwide!

Barnacle Barrier™Slip Liner Systems are mostly made of materials that can last 100+ years in salt water! This system uses extremely simple methods of operation that stand up to the damaging effects of salt water, sun, and other harsh elements in the marine environment. Barnacle Barrier™ uses an incredibly strong polymer fiber bottom shield that can easily be replaced or serviced whiteout moving your boat if any unsightly damage ever occurred. Easy to use and easy up keep! No worries!

Bottom Paint Ruins your Boat!

Lets be honest, there is no bottom paint that looks as good as your brand new shiny boat bottom! Bottom paint does the following:

- Can increase fuel consumption by 40%!
- Reduces your boats speed
- Decreases most smaller boats value by around 30%
- Is very expensive and timely to apply to your boat
- Requires to be re-applied every 1-2 years!
- Still requires monthly bottom cleaning services
- Kills marine life
- Looks ugly
- Doesn't protect your drive or other components
- Doesn't help protect against damaging electrolysis

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Barnacle Barrier™ is #1

Barnacle Barrier™ was first introduced and widely used in Australia, these systems have been used there since 2004 as a 100% Eco-Friendly alternative to boat anti fouling. Barnacle Barrier™ is now available today in the USA exclusively through BarnacleProtection.com.

Go Green! Barnacle Barrier™…

Do you know how harmful antifouling bottom paint is to the marine environment? If not, here is a little insight. Commercial and recreational vessels commonly use antifouling bottom paint to kill the underwater organisms that grow on your boat bottom. This paint releases toxins in to the marine environment for the entire life of the paint. These toxins have proven damage in our history of the marine environment such as excessive mercury in fish, and the collapse of the French shellfish fishery. Most of the life in the ocean begins as a microscopic egg or organism that can be effected by the never ending toxin release of antifouling bottom paint.